TPM has been handling payroll for talent, crew, extras, writers and directors for 15 years. We have an established clientele from around the nation and the world. We take care of all workers' compensation, federal and state unemployment, and federal and state withholding.

Talent Relations Department

Often small and midsize businesses can't afford to have a talent relations department in-house. Your focus needs to be on your production; let TPM be your talent relations department and save you the headache of dealing with the unions and talent. Our services include Talent Negotiation, Union Negotiation, Contract Negotiation, Standard Contract Preparation, and Booking of Talent. Please call for more talent relations services we can provide.

Extras Payroll

Extras payroll can often be very complicated. TPM has a state of the art computer system that has been designed to eliminate all the hassles of extras payroll. We can handle any number of extras for your project.