Cable Programming

Talent PayMaster is not your typical payservice.  We have always done more than just process union projects; we have worked to facilitate successful outcomes for both the producer and the talent.  For example, in the early 1990s, Talent PayMaster worked with major cable networks and AFTRA to develop the rate structure for cable programming.  This is the structure that is still utilized today.

Having worked on thousands of projects with most of the major cable networks, we have the expertise to assist you in developing your project.  Whether it is multiple cost estimates to assist you with your talent budget or working as your broadcast business affairs expert to assist with talent negotiations, we are the go to partner for cable programs.


  • Free Estimates
  • Talent Payments
  • Talent and Union Negotiations
  • Standard Contract Preparation
  • Taxes, Withholdings, Reporting
  • Workers Compensation (if applicable)
  • Pension and Health Administration and Reporting